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The USA is one of the most popular places for migrant workers and many of the most successful businesses in the US rely on the skills and expertise of workers from all around the world. However, the US has strict immigration rules, so to take advantages of the opportunities the country has to offer or to be able to recruit the people you need from overseas, it is essential to have the right specialist immigration law advice and support at every stage.

Internationally recognised as a leading figure within the field of US immigration, Paul Samartin brings his many years of experience to head the US immigration team.  The department’s services encompass all business related petitions and applications.

Paul’s vast experience covers emerging tech companies, the entertainment industry (television/film productions, production crew members, actors and presenters), the arts (novelists, artists, photographers and fashion designers), and SMEs within various sectors (manufacturing, advertising, consulting, etc.).

In addition to the business immigration services, we provide full support for all family based petitions and applications, including petitions and applications for immediate family members, green cards and naturalization. We also provide services relating to the renunciation and relinquishment of US citizenship and abandonment of US lawful permanent residency.

As a niche practice, we are highly client focused and results driven. At Ganguin Samartin you can enjoy being a valued client and not a number. Whether you are an individual or a multinational, Paul will always be personally overseeing your case and readily available to walk you through any concerns or queries you may have.

For immediate assistance with any US immigration issue affecting you or your business, please contact Paul Samartin now on +44 (0)2070 339527 or use our contact form to request a call back.

We provide a full range of immigration services for businesses and individuals looking for assistance with navigating US immigration rules.

US Visas for Business & Employers

We understand the challenges the US market presents for individuals, businesses and other organisations and can provide a bespoke service to help you achieve your goals under even the most challenging conditions.

We take the time to get to know you and your business goals, then use our extensive experience and knowledge of US immigration law to find the best approach for you.

Our US immigration lawyers regularly secure visas for a wide range of individuals, including investors, TV and film production personnel, artists, entertainers, athletes, journalists, professional workers, domestic workers and more.

We also have a very strong track record of assisting people with securing employment-based green cards, including supporting those with inadmissibility issues, such as arrests, criminal convictions and previous immigration violations.

Additionally, we provide visa-processing services at all US consular posts across the world.

US Visas for Individuals & Families

Moving to the US and negotiating its complicated immigration rules can be confusing and intimidating. If you make a mistake on your visa application, it can cost you a lot of time and money to sort out, and could potentially see you or your loved ones refused a US visa.

Our highly experienced US immigration lawyers can make the process of applying for a US visa as simple and smooth as possible, helping you to secure your visa faster and with less stress. With our support, we can ensure your visa application complies with all of the relevant US immigration rules, significantly reducing the likelihood of any problems or delays.

We regularly help individuals and families with a wide range of applications, including family based green cards, waivers of inadmissibility for previous criminal convictions and immigration violations, humanitarian parole, registration of US citizenship, renunciation and relinquishment of US citizenship and passport applications.

What our clients say about our US immigration lawyers

Paul Samartin is a highly experienced US immigration lawyer who heads our US immigration department. Having advised a wide range of individuals and business on all types of US immigration issues for many years, Paul is regularly praised by our clients for the exceptional service he offers.

“Paul Samartin is an excellent lawyer who knows his stuff”

(Who’s Who Legal 2014)

 “Paul has extensive experience working with US consulates throughout Europe’.”

(Who’s Who Legal 2011)


“Paul is a font of knowledge”

(Who’s Who Legal 2014)

Paul has also been praised in Chambers and Partners as “very quick and helpful” and “easy to speak to and very approachable”.

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For help with any US immigration issues affecting you or your business, please contact Paul Samartin now on +44 (0)2070 339527 or use our contact form to request a call back.